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Trade of Non-Specified Minor Forest Produce


Non-Specified Minor Forest Produces are those Minor Forest Produces on which the state does not have any monopolistic control. Nevertheless, the state develops these resources through enabling policy. M.F.P. Federation promotes their in-situ conservation, value addition, processing and marketing of minor forest produce to provide maximum benefits to the local communities and the MFP collectors.

The state has realized the importance of the fast growing medicinal plant sector and the global preference towards the Indian System of Medicine. Realizing the potential of medicinal plants and other non specified MFP, their availability and economic utility in the state, the Federation is promoting for conservation and non-destructive harvesting of MFP on sustainable basis.

The C.G.M.F.P. Federation is responsible for timely and effective management of non-specified minor forest produce including medicinal, aromatic and dye plants through implementation of various projects that are being undertaken from time to time. At the field level, the Managing Director of the District Union executes the various projects.