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Microenterprises is a small-enterprise that provides employment to few people.  In a microenterprise generally 10 to 20 people works and can be started with small capital.  Maximum enterprises provide goods & services for their local people.

To promote employment oriented work based on the non-timber minor forest Produce, 74 microenterprises of non-timber minor forest Produce and processing units is established in the state through which one way the groups are getting appropriate price for their produce & other way value addition process is also being promoted among villagers. 17196 beneficiaries of 1302 groups are working under these microenterprises. 103 types of product is manufactured under these microenterprises in which medicinal, products, food products, Mahul leaves plates are included.

Similarly, for promoting lac cultivation and processing 183 microenterprises is established through various projects under which 3316 self help groups and 55216 gatherers are benefitted.


List of Microenterprises