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Trade of Specified Minor Forest Produce - Tendu Leaves


Chhattisgarh is a pioneer State of India, producing the best quality Tendu (Diospyros melanoxylon) leaves. The Tendu leaves are used as Beedi (rural form of cigarette) wrappers. The production of Tendu leaves is approximately 16.72 lacs standard bags annually, which is nearly 20% of the total Tendu leaves production of the country. One standard bag of Tendu leaves in Chhattisgarh comprises of 1000 bundles of 50 leaves each. In Chhattisgarh the collection season is from third week of April to second week of June. The collection season starts earlier in the Southern part of the state in comparison to Northern part of the state. 

The Chhattisgarh Govt. took a major policy decision in 2004 that instead of selling godowned leaves sell the green leaves in advance to the purchaser. However the collection of leaves and the payment of the collection wages to the pluckers will be done by the Primary Co-operative Society only. Green leaves will be handed over at the collection centre to the purchaser appointed in advance of collection. The purchaser will treat the leaves at collection centre, transport and store in his godowns or the godowns of Forest Department / Federation in double lock inside the State. The purchaser will make the payment of the purchase price in four equal installments and the leaves are released to Purchaser accordingly. After implementation of this policy, most of the quantity of leaves has been sold in advance to the purchasers. More over the average sale rates received are also better. In nut shell the change in the trade of Tendu leaf policy has brought good results.

Tendu Leaves Collection and Trade Practices

  • The State is divided into 31 District Unions and District Union is divided into 916 Primary Co-operativde Societies which is divided into collection centres. Primary Co-operative Society are basic units of MFP trade. The Managig Director, District Union controls the over all functions of all primary units under its jurisdiction.
  • These primary units are sold in advance through e-tenders and e-auctions by MFP Federation, Raipur.
  • The funds for various operations are made available to the District Unions by the state level M.F.P. Federation. The District Unions provide funds for procurement to the Primary Co-operative Societies.
  • The leaves collected by gatherers are purchased by the Phad Munshi (Manager of collection centre) of Primary Co-operative Society at every collection centre (called phad) . One employee of Forest or other Govt. Department works as Phad Abhirakshak (in-charge of collection centre) at each collection centre.
  • Each family is given a collectors card. The daily collection of the gatherer is entered in the card by Phad Munshi and accordingly the payment of collection charges of leaves is made preferably by transfering the amount in gatherer's bank account or by cheque and the entry of the payment is made in the card.
  • The payment of the collection wages to the pluckers is done by the Primary Co-operative Society only.
  • Green leaves are handed over at the collection centres to the purchaser appointed in advance of collection.
  • The purchaser treats the leaves at collection centres. Transports and stores in his owned godowns or the godowns of Forest Department/Federation in double lock.
  • The purchaser makes the payment of the purchase price in four equal installments and accordingly leaves are released from double locked godown.
  • The security deposit is 25% of the contract amount, minimum 10% in the form of E.M.D. and balance in the form of Discharged Fixed Deposit Receipt / Bank Guarantee for Advance Sale.
  • The security deposit is 10% of the contract amount in the form of E.M.D. for Sale of Departmentally collected Quantity.
  • The processing, transport and storage of leaves in the unsold units are done by Primary Co-operative Societies and the District Union.
  • The District administration is also involved in the management during the collection.
  • The collection rate for Tendupatta is Rs. 4000/- per Standard Bag for the year 2023. One standard bag consists of 1000 bundles, each bundles contains 50 leaves.

The year wise detail of Collection and Sale of Tendu leaves in the State are as follows :-


Year Collected Quantity 
(Lakh Standard Bags)
Collection Wages 
(Rs. Crores)
 Sale Value 
(Rs. Crores)
 Average Sale Rate 
(Rs. per Std. Bag)
2001 16.67 75.53 165.22 1000
2002 19.58 88.92 198.71 1015
2003 18.12 82.18 173.25 956
2004 18.86 84.92 148.50 787
2005 14.92 67.17 135.06 906
2006 14.72 66.31 140.02 951
2007 17.18 85.96 325.59 1895
2008 13.79 82.77 197.61 1434
2009 14.67 95.33 256.41 1748
2010 15.45 108.15 335.30 2170
2011 13.57 108.52 355.31 2619
2012 17.15 188.66 646.90 3772
2013 14.71 176.70 362.13 2461
2014 14.28 171.40 334.75 2345
2015 13.01 156.13 345.50 2656
2016 13.61 204.21 638.89 4693
2017 17.10 307.80 1358.65 7945
2018 14.85 371.15 744.97 5033
2019 15.05 602.14 783.34 5218
2020 9.73 389.15 470.23 4848
2021 13.06 522.20 776.35 5959
2022 15.83 633.36 1111.92 * 7076


517.64 789.91 6237


* 0.10 Lakh Standard Bags Tendu Leaves of 2022 season is balance for sale.

** 0.27 Lakh Standard Bags Tendu Leaves of 2023 season is balance for sale.


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