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NWFP Mart and Sanjeevani


NWFP MART and Sanjeevani


With an aim of developing specific trade system for Non nationalized Minor Forest Produce NWFP (Non Wood Forest Produce) Mart is established at the six Forest headquarters in the state through which wholesale trading of raw forest produce and herbal products is done.  Under this system minor forest produce collected and processed by local collectors / Self help groups / Forest societies / Primary Co-operative Forest societies are buyed & sold at specific price. In addition to this above products are also sold in wholesale or retail through these outlets. The selling of herbal products is being promoted under the brand name of "Chhattisgarh Herbals". Promotion & Publicity of these products is done through different medium. For retail selling of these herbal products 30 Sanjeevani retail outlets are established in the headquarters of Divisional Forest offices.


NWFP MART and Sanjeevani (Trade)


NWFP Mart is established in all the six headquarters of forest circle, where collected & processed minor forest produce are buyed at decided rates by Forest Produce societies. For selling of herbal products "Chhattisgarh Herbals" brand name is being promoted and by various medium publicity of these products is also being done. In the established NWFP Mart of Chhattisgarh, the progress of trading is as follows:-



Buying Rate (Rs. in lakhs)

Selling Rate (Rs. in lakhs)





30 no' of Sanjeevani is established at different districts for selling of the product made by microenterprises. By these Sanjevani sales centres the herbal product made by SHG's is sold by Sanjeevani sales centres at Federation headquarters. An index initiative has been done at Forest Circle level by providing electronic payment facility at each Forest Circle's Sajeevani Sales Centre. A provision of free service of Ayurvedic Doctor is made available at NWFP Mart Raipur for the common people.


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